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Waiting list -

We no longer offer a waiting list at this stage and are currently working on other options we ask that families message us and follow our facebook page for available kittens.

Visitation of kittens / cats -

Pascoe Perfect Maine Coons is a closed cattery.

We do not welcome public to enter our cattery for the health and safety of our cats and kittens. 

Visits may be considered once kittens are over 9 weeks, for secured kittens.

Picking up your kitten -

Picking up your kitten is very exciting and you want to share that with the people you love... please note only 2 people are welcome at pick up of your kitten.

Pick up of kittens are done via appointmentonly we ask families to aim for weekday pick ups.

Friday pick ups can be organised if fitting in with flight times.

Please be aware we try to keep our Saturdays/ Sundays spent with our family ( if these are the only pick up days you can do please give notice so we can fit this in to our weekend, we can not promise a weekend pick up so please work towards a time in the above days and time frames.)


Kittens that are flying will fly on Fridays, we aim for early morning and late afternoon flights. 


Please Note - 

ALL deposits and money paid is non-refundable. We reserve the right to refuse refund for change of mind or if we deem necessary.

We reserve the right to make full judgment, change and final dicision on each kittens pick up/ fly out date.

You as the buyer are responsible for providing proper and up to date contact information.

QLD microchipping laws state all kittens are to be chipped in breeders name then transferred after sale, all paper work to do so is provided.

It is the responsibility of all buyers to be awer of this disclaimer prior to making any deposits or payments.

We have kittens available...

Please feel free to contact us in regards to our waiting list.

Our waiting list is now open for kittens due from August 2018, our waiting list cost $100 this comes off the over all cost of your kitten. 

Available kittens...
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