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Kitten - Terms and Conditions of Sale/  Contract

The purpose of this agreement/ contract is to ensure that any kitten/ cat being sold and purchased as a pet/ breeding cat is protected and that both parties (buyer and seller) with this agreement are protected as well.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of these terms and conditions prior to purchase and upon purchase, this agreement/ contract can be found on our web page and supplied in your kitten information pack.

With full and final payment, this contract/ agreement it is recognised that all information in this contract has been read and understood by all parties and is binding.


1.       Pascoe Perfect cattery has carefully selected the parentage of this kitten for health, temperament and type.

2.       Pascoe Perfect Cattery will provide all appropriate vaccinations, health and veterinary care for said cat/ kitten whilst in cattery.

3.       Pascoe Perfect cattery will provide all appropriate forms and paperwork to new owners, including pet pedigree (pet home) Breeding /show registered pedigree (breeding home).

4.       (Maine coon) Pascoe Perfect cattery understands that they are working with a breed of feline that is genetically prone to HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). They have tested and strive to work with none infected cats. Understanding this genetic issue can be passed/ skip generations. Pascoe Perfect cattery cannot guarantee against HCM however if said cat/ kitten passes due to HCM in the first year, said kitten/ cat will be replaced. Vet reports including written evidence must be supplied for replacement of said kitten/ cat.

5.       Buyer, agrees and understands that Pascoe perfect cattery is a registered breeder and complies with a code of ethics.

6.       Buyer, agrees and understands the breeder / Pascoe Perfect Cattery has done all necessary care and vetting while said kitten/ cat is at Pascoe perfect cattery to insure the healthiest kitten/ cat upon collection.

7.       Buyer, agrees and understands ALL health care will be the sole responsibility of the buyer upon collection / transit of said cat kitten. This includes all vet costs treatments diet etc.

8.       Buyer, agrees and understands that they can not hold the breeder/ Pascoe perfect cattery responsible/ liable for any genetic issues (see 4. Maine coon for only exception).

9.       Buyer agrees that said kitten/ cat will not be placed in harm’s way.

10.    Buyer, agrees and understands that said kitten/ cat is their legal responsibility upon collection and that Pascoe perfect cattery has no right to the return of said kitten/ cat.

11.    Buyer, agrees and understands the responsibility of said kitten/ cat.



In the event of rehoming being required.

1.       Pascoe perfect cattery is a closed cattery, due to the health and well being of our cats we cannot welcome cats back to our facility.

2.       Pascoe perfect cattery understands that upon purchase of said kitten/ cat they have no legal right over said kitten/ cat and buyer has full right and own discretion to rehome as they feel fit.

3.       Buyer understands that they can contact the breeder/ Pascoe perfect cattery for help in rehoming said kitten/ cat.

4.       Buyer agrees to never leave, or dump said kitten / cat and will do there best to find a loving home.

Buyers responsibility to kitten/ cat

1.       Buyer understands that cats can be sensitive to change and often experience a period of adjustment to a new environment.

2.       Buyer understands in these situations of adjustment the kitten/ cat can become stressed and show signs of stress. Including but not limited to diarrhoea, constipation, hair lose, refusal to eat, runny eyes or nose.

3.       Buyer understands it is there responsibility to contact a vet if concerned for said kitten / cat.

4.       Buyer, agrees and understands this period and will do there best to help said kitten/ cat adjust.

5.       Buyer agrees to provide proper warm safe housing for said kitten/ cat.

6.       Buyer agrees to provide proper food and water to said kitten/ cat daily and never to with hold food unless advised by a vet.


Breeder/ Pascoe Perfect cattery responsibility to owner, kitten/ cat

1.       Breeder/ Pascoe Perfect cattery does not have any responsibilities to said kitten/ cat or owner upon collection of kitten/ cat.

Breeder/ Pascoe Perfect cattery does however willing offer support and advise for the life of said kitten/ cat.

2.       Breeder/ Pascoe Perfect cattery is not responsible for any cost incurred with said kitten/ cat upon collection / life of said kitten / cat.


Social media/ legal

1.       If a disagreement or legal proceedings occur between the Breeder/ Pascoe perfect Maine coons and the buyer stated at the top of this agreement/ contract. Both parties are prohibited to discuss the legal proceedings with any one by any means.

2.       Both parties agree it is prohibited to place any names on any social media including personal social pages.

3.       Both parties agree that no third party or person to this agreement / contract will attempt to slander/ defamation of character of either party in this contract and understands legal proceedings can then be brought against said third party.








Kitten / cat are to be of sound health to all of Pascoe Perfect Cattery knowledge at the time of purchase. 24-hour health guarantee is all that is offered please read the following and have your kitten checked with in this time. We will not be held responsible or liable for any issues found past 24 hours.


1.       Kittens/ cats have 24 hours to be seen by a vet from point of departure / transit of leaving Pascoe Perfect Cattery

a.       Any issues should be brought to the attention of the breeder/ Pascoe perfect cattery immediately.

b.       Breeder/ Pascoe perfect cattery will not incur cost of this health check, regardless of results from said vet.

c.        Written proof and vet’s details must be provided including date and time of visit.

d.       Past 24 hours of new ownership the breeder cannot be held responsible for any issues with said kitten/ cat.

e.       If issue has been detected with in 24 hours of new ownership, written/ supportive evidence is given, breeder / Pascoe Perfect cattery will discuss options with the owner.

2.       Buyer, agrees and understands it is their responsibility to book this appointment and check their kitten’s health with in the first 24 hours of purchase for any issues the breeder/ Pascoe Perfect Cattery has not seen/ made aware of prior to leaving.

3.       Buyer, agrees and understands the kitten has been seen by a licensed vet prior to departing Pascoe Perfect Cattery and is cleared healthy, to all of the breeder’s knowledge.


The Breeder reserves the right to refuse the sale for any reason and at any time including point of pick up.

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, please insure you are certain on purchase before placing any money with Pascoe Perfect cattery.


Both parties of this agreement adhere/ agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement/ contract upon first payment of said kitten / cat.

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