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At Pascoe Perfect Maine Coons we are very passionate about breeding to only the highest standards to ensure that eveyone gets the perfect life long companion they wished for.

Our maine coons are our world, and a major part of our lives. All our kittens are raised in our house in a calm but busy environment. This insures our cats are stable, well adjusted, happy cats and able to be placed in any environment. Please understand we will want to know about you and where they will be as their wellbeing and happienes is our main priority.

Bringing Your Kitten Home

What you will need...


Bringing your new fur baby home is a very exciting moment, however it is also a very important moment and will help shape your cat into the adult they will become.


We have provided a check list of items your new friend will need to help him/her adjust...


*Cat scratcher or cat tree

*Soft bed, toys, brush

*Oz pet litter

*Oz pet tray

*Food (Royal Canin kitten biscuit, Royal Canin Maine coon biscuit)

* Cat carrier (to take Kitty home in)


We recommend setting all these items up in a quite safe room in your house that your kitten can find easly. Keeping your kitten to only a few rooms in the house to begin with to avoid overwhelming your new baby.


Pascoe Prfect Maine Coons are indoor cats and we HIGHLY recommend that you do not allow your maine coon to roam, it is not only unsafe for them with the dangers of cars, dogs, possums, stray cats carrying deadly diseases that may attack and infect them, and bad people that may want to take your pedigree feline, they are also dangerous themselfs to wildlife. Because of these reasons we do not beleive they want nor need to roam free. We recommend having a safe  out door cat run for your maine coon to enjoy the out doors or teach them to walk on a cat safe harness lead.


Pascoe Perfect Main coons leave our home in perfect health completely upto date with all vaccinations and treated for ALL parasites and All worms, We recommend that you continue to stay up to date with these vaccinations and treatments and take your Maine coon for a yearly checkup to maintain their health and insure they and you enjoy many happy years together.


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