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Millhouse Arwen

Arwen - what an amazing girl, Arwen is so much fun and a blessing to our cattery with her beautiful sweet personality.


Colour - Black classic tabby   

P.C Ducati Panigale

Catie - this beautiful girl is a clown, she loves to get herself into silly situations and all we can do is laugh at her. she loves time with her humans.

Colour - Black mackerel tabby

Pascoe Heart of Eternity - Blue

Blue - We are very excited to have kept the stunning Blue in our program. she is a playful girl. she makes friends with everyone. being a bit cheeky like her father.

Colour - Solid Blue 

Pascoe Red 

Red - yes red from angry birds, red is an beautiful mother, we enjoy every moment with her, she is a very classy girl.

Colour - Red classic tabby and white


Pascoe Heart Of Dixie

Dixie - is a black classic and white maine coon.

Dixie she is a clown and we love it she is always grooming you or playing with your hair she will tap you to say hello if you have not said it to her first. Dixie produces some of the most amazing babies and we are so thankful she is such a brilliant mother.

Pascoe Harper 

Harper - is a solid black tortie and white maine coon.

Harper our strong minded queen she is always doing as she pleases, she welcomes you to join her but its her way or not at all and we love it she has a strong personality with a big heart.

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