Pascoe Lady Antebellum - Anna

Anna is a blue classic maine coon.

Anna is a beautiful queen, she has a playful cheeky personality. loving the company of her maine coon friends.

Millhouse Arwen

Arewn is a black classic (S) maine coon.

Arwen is full of beans and personality she has been the life of the house since arriving. Arwen is always ready to play, making us laugh when ever she is around.

Pascoe Madam Azanah

Zah-Zah - is a black totie (torbie) classic maine coon.

Zah-Zah is our calm caring sweet heart.  Zah- Zah is a beautiful mother we love her sweet personality and our lazy afternoons with her.

Pascoe Violet Haze

Violet is a black classic tortie (S) and white.

Violet is yet another cheeky queen, you always know something is going on if she is in the room she loves her mother duties, we think this is because she loves to play and kittens make the best play mates.

Pascoe Willow

Willow - is a red classic and white maine coon.

Willow, the big love bug. Willow is always in the mood for hugs, she is a calm queen and lives up to the title queen with a proud peaceful personality.

Pascoe Heart Of Dixie

Dixie - is a black classic and white maine coon.

Dixie she is a clown and we love it she is always grooming you or playing with your hair she will tap you to say hello if you have not said it to her first. Dixie produces some of the most amazing babies and we are so thankful she is such a brilliant mother.

Pascoe Harper 

Harper - is a solid black tortie and white maine coon.

Harper our strong minded queen she is always doing as she pleases, she welcomes you to join her but its her way or not at all and we love it she has a strong personality with a big heart.

Pascoe Maleficent
Milly is a beautiful black classic tortie (torbie), she is full of attitude and love she insists on being in your face. She raises her babies with the most care and love she dots over them so perfectly.