G.G. Dennis the Menace

Dennis -An amazing Maine coon with great features and good strong boning. Dennis produces kittens that share his amazing type and temperament.

Colour - Black Classic Tabby 

Personality - Laid back, over affectionate, calm man. 

Pascoe The Vagabond of Ludlow aka Lucky

Lucky - is exactly that one very luck boy, Pascoe perfect maine coons and Yendor Cats welcomed this amazing boy to our programs late 2016, He is the son of the stunning Hippy ( Yendor Bohemian Rhapsody ) and Tristan. Sadly we said goodbye to the amazing Hippy after complications to the bowl but not before she birthed this stunning boy to help carry on her lines, he arrived a week early and the beautiful Moxie accepted this precious baby and raised him as her own.


Colour - Black Classic Tabby and White

Personality - Cheeky, playful, affectionate, bossy. 

We are so thankful to have such amazing support from Yendor and are glade we can both share in the joy this man brings us.

Pascoe The Great Megladon

The Great Megladon - Meg has fast become top cat here at Pascoe cattery with his larger then life personality. He has stunning strong features, we are very proud to have produced such an amazing example of the Maine coon, with our prefix displayed over four generations on his pedigree.

Colour - Solid Blue

Personality - Fun loving, clown, no manners, overly affectionate, playful man.